After quite a break I've laid the down lines through the station and also added two additional lines in the marshalling / storage yards. Since the last update actually quite a lot has happened as i've got the first loop fully wired for the Power Districts (Digitrax PM42) and the occupancy detectors working (BDL168), Cobalt point motors also installed and wired up correctly, including changing frog polarity. Also since the last update i've been installing Loksound decoders in some locos and experimenting with weathering.

Firstly the track laying from today. I've given up with cutting each sleeping away from the webbing for better spacing. It takes too long and is rather difficult to get the sleepers all aligned. I see PECO and other manufacturers are now bringing in more prototypical track, but too late for me. This shot is looking south towards Rugby. Spacing between centrelines is 4.5cm.


002 lo


 The down lines, fast, slow and goods, then a carriage siding. Centre to centre track measurement is 4.5cm which means the point above the weight had to be cut before fitting.

This is the beginning of the storage sidings. The siding above on the right can take a rake of 10 Mk1 coaches and the loco. The tracks to the right will be longer but split into two seperate detection zones to handle more than one 7 coach train - or 2 long goods.