Progress today mainly in laying out all the remaining points for the fiddle yard and working out what additional rail I need to order. In the process working out that the ANYRAIL plan, although very accurate, was let down by my inaccurate measuring of the room in the first place. But I gained some space. With some better measurements I was able to get on the PC and plan a few more loco, DMU storage sidings in the bottom right of the layout plan.

I also decided on adding a point on the bottom left entry to the storage sidings (the down main line) heading directly onto the turntable, this will save a reverse. I also made some other minor adjustments but nothing substantial. This is the latest track plan with today's changes. 

2018.10.27 Final occupation detectors


Oct laying points 1 Oct laying points 2

The left image is the bottom left hand corner on the plan, i.e. left hand side entrance into the storage yard with the turntable. The idea is that I can access and exit all storage lines in either direction at both ends. Took a fair bit of planning particularly with the curve and trying to get as much storage is possible. I printed the Anyrail plan out in real size on A3 paper, then laid the points over it, just to make sure i) I had the points I need ii) they fitted. The right image is the other end of the storage sidings (bottom righ) same idea, soft lay the track and see if it all aligns and fits. It does. 


So i've just got an order to do for 4 right hand electofrogs. Still probably cheaper to order from the UK than a German model shop. So result today was not what I expected, however i'm happy knowing that the planning is now finished and I can just plough ahead with the track laying. Still have to prepare the points for DCC and improve the look cosmetically,  glue the track down (Copydex), wire it up and screw the Cobalts underneath the layout. Then test it all. 

All seems much clearer but still tons to do. I'll need another box of flexitrack, but that can wait until i'm over in the UK in late November (around Warley time).