2018 saw more progress than previous years. However a lot of the work throughout the year was with the electronics and wiring, so not so much to see. Lots of steep learning, soldering and testing. Most of the track is now laid and the track plan is final. Exception to this is the loco area in the storage sidings which is generally planned out (with turntable) but could be changed closer to the time when I lay the track there.

IMG 6207 
IMG 6213

Scenics and ballasting haven't been started yet are are a way off yet, probably 2021. What i've learnt is to focus on one job at a time. There are still too many distractions with life to have regular time up in the railway room, so i've stopped experimenting with Train Controller Software, weathering and a million other things that stops me making real progress. Currently the storage sidings are not all wired up. So this is what's going on as I write. (Jan 2020)

There are 14 lines in the storage yard, quite a few of them have have multiple detection zones for storage of more than one train. It's a slow job fixing point motors, wiring the them up to the DAC20 Point motors to power thrown / closed. The polarity change switch on the Cobalt point motor (which changes the polarity to the frog) and wiring the track itself to the BDL168 for power and detection. As the layout is already in-situ and not in modules this is all upside down work.
The trackwork has been planned out on Anyrail. Above and below is the (southern) throat to the storage sidings. Where the DMU is is an area where 4 x 3-car DMUs can be stored on a shuttle service into the Southern Bays of Leicester Central. There will be a automated macro set up on Train Controller which brings a DMU into reception sidings and then shuffles them into the departure line when it is empty ready to go back out again. It could be set to an actual timetable or just activated after a delay. Possibilities are broad.


Much more work to do so more updates in 2020! But I think it's realistic to complete all the trackwork and wiring and make some real progress with the Train Controller software. Getting some working signals might be unrealistic by the end of 2020 and only then will the scenic work start. Although I might start one section over the viaducts, just to give me something nice to pose locos on (for selling on Ebay! don't hold your breath).