Bridges & Viaducts – A Start

Making A Start on the Viaducts and Bridges South of the Station

I found some old videos from when I did the first mockup of the first few arches. It’s in the 1950s era. As most of the layout is not yet scenic it’s quite nice to visualise what it might be like when it’s more complete.
First job was to try to recreate the lattice girder bridge that crosses theĀ  River Soar just south of the station. It was my first significant build using Plasticard and i’m quite pleased with the result. Probably a little over-modelled but I learnt quite a lot.
There are eight of these beams under the bridge supporting the two tracks above. I modelled all of them. They sit into the bridge abutments
The next two images are the bridge in situ and with the brick cladding and painted. By no means perfect but a successful first attempt. As the entire station is built up on the viaduct and there are four bridges to model, there’s plenty more to do.